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"Dr. Muldavin is my health hero! He has done so much research on the way the body reacts to food and exercise that he is a storehouse of information.

I have just completed the 13-week RHPL program and am down 41 pounds. My blood pressure and leptin levels have both fallen into normal ranges, my Triglycerides/HDL cholesterol ratio is now good, and I have a great deal more energy than when I started.

I am a natural skeptic, and it took me a long time to commit – over a year – but once I did, I found the diet and routine to be surprisingly easy to maintain. I didn’t get hungry and I never felt deprived of food. I found that when I ate according to the blood-type diet, I could eat foods that I like and it was satisfying. My mood and energy levels instantly improved.

The main changes for me included:

Paying attention to carbs and protein rather than calories

Eating “real” food – no low-fat or processed food, no artificial sweeteners, no diet sodas

Realizing that olive oil is almost a “miracle” food and can be used in many meals

Exercising in 20 or 30 minute intervals was as beneficial as longer workouts, and is easier to fit into the daily routine. It was also easier on my 66-year-old body! It’s never too late to treat your body well.

Probably the best part of the program is that it is individualized to each person. I always felt that Dr. Dan understood exactly what my weaknesses and strengths were each week. He and Anne gave great suggestions for overcoming obstacles and lots of support to stay on track when I needed it. They kept me from obsessing on my “mistakes” and encouraged me to focus on the success. It was very helpful for me to be able to see the test results on the weekly visits and be able to associate them with what I had done the previous week. Old habits die hard with me, but I may have kicked a couple of them to the curb.

I think I have finally found a way to maintain a healthy way of life for the long term, and I’m pretty sure I can reach my goal. I plan to keep Dr. Dan as a touchstone for security though, at least for a while. I look forward to the maintenance support when I reach my goal. Besides, he’s also my favorite chiropractor."

~ Jane B.


Joan has been able to achieve her goals on Dr. Muldavin’s RHPL program.

Joan’s Doctor and Physicians Assistant had been urging her to lose weight however, neither had ever instructed her on a weight loss program.

As a former educator, Joan was aware of the importance of instruction. Once she became aware of Dr. Muldavin’s RHPL program, she signed up with specific goals in mind. Joan wanted to lower her blood sugar, lose weight and become more knowledgeable with regards to her health.

As a member of the RHPL program, Joan was empowered to reach her goals. The program included lectures by Dr. Muldavin on topics relevant to health and weight loss pertaining to psychological factors, diet, exercise, and stress. Joan had individual weekly meetings with Dr. Muldavin as well as having her progress monitored and supported.

To date, Joan has lost 13 pounds. Her blood glucose levels are lower and have stabilized. Her hemoglobin A1C level dropped from 7.0 to 6.3! Joan’s triglycerides dropped tremendously from 283 to 194. Joan said her Physicians Assistant and Doctor are ecstatic
about her lab results and overall progress.

Her Doctor has taken her off of one of her diabetes medications and she is aware of what she needs to do in order to succeed on the program. Joan is less resistant to exercise and has returned to the YMCA to swim. She said that “it felt wonderful physically and emotionally” to get back to the pool.

Joan said “I am grateful for this program and all it has done for me. I look forward to continuing the dietary and exercise applications that have proved so beneficial. I have a great deal more energy! Could it be that we have slowed the ticking of the aging clock? I sure hope so."

"Thanks to Dr. M. and everyone in his office!"

~ Joan M.


"I drive all the way from Galt to see Dr. Muldavin, because he is absolutely worth the drive! He has spent countless hours researching ways to help his patients feel better overall and his willingness to share that information and be a part of helping us get healthy is such a blessing. He showed me that I don’t always have to hurt, because when I eat the right foods and exercise the right way, I feel like a different person. We’re all different and have different needs, but we all try to resolve them the same way and wonder why it doesn’t work. Dr. Muldavin has figured it out! His new program Restore Health and Prolong Life is the perfect title, because that is exactly what he is about! Thank you Dr. D!!!"

~ Lorrayne G.


"Yo, Dr. Dan!

Hey, I just wanted to share my latest blood test results with you, as I'm simply blown away! If you recall, I had my blood glucose checked back in December and it was at 118. I just got my results back today, and it's already gone down to 101! That's crazy! I've dieted and lost weight before, but it NEVER got below 109 and usually stayed at around 114. I know I'm sounding like one of those testimonials from the "Blood Type Diet" book, but it's for real! I NEVER thought I'd get this low and I've only been on the diet now for not quite 2 months!

It looks like my cholesterol has improved, too!

I'm just so stoked about this new, improved blood glucose level, I'm ready to bust! I REALLY appreciate you're turning me on to this diet!"

~ Tim L.






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