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1. What are the costs associated with the programs and what do I receive for those costs?

The Silver and Gold RHPL Health and Weight Loss Programs are $1500.00 and $2000.00 respectively (10% off, if paid in full and up front). You will receive all of your personalized supplements and lab studies throughout the duration of the program. You will also receive weekly body fat comp testing, use of our exercise equipment and infrared (dry heat) sauna, and much much more (see the details under the “programs” link on our website). Costs for these services outside of the RHPL Program(s) (in our office or other facilities) would exceed the price of our programs and would not be as cohesive and/or personalized.

The Neuropathy Protocol Program is $1400.00 and includes the aspects of the RHPL Health and Weight Loss Program, but has specific nutritional focus and supplements designed to relieve neuropathy symptoms. Participants of the Neuropathy Protocol Program will also receive a full laser treatment protocol (15 treatments over 10 weeks) for peripheral neuropathy. The costs for these services outside of the program would cost upwards of $750 for the laser treatments alone! Adding in supplements, lab tests, and exercise/gym time would double or triple the cost!


2. What type of supplements are provided in the RHPL programs?

Supplements are personalized based on your individual needs to foster weight loss, promote health, prevent disease, and restore nerve health. There are several different types of supplements that are replenished for you throughout the program. Examples of the supplements included in the program are:

  1. A multivitamin based on your specific blood type and genetic profile.

  2. A supplement designed to reduce joint pain and encourage weight loss.

  3. A fish oil / Omega-3 formula - which is so vital for our health. Omega-3’s help to prevent disease and promote health.

  4. A supplement to help the body rid itself of fat-soluble toxins.

  5. Greens 8000 - a superfood supplement powder, used in water (or other healthful drinks) that contains the antioxidant power of more than 20 servings of fruits and vegetables! It also has been shown to enhance fat burning metabolism!

Based on your specific needs, we will provide you with additional supplements for stress (Calm, a magnesium based supplement powder), blood sugar issues (Glucothera), or even brain function (Phosphyatidylcholine).


3. What lab studies are provided in the program? Where are they performed?

The baseline lab studies performed for all participants is the comprehensive metabolic profile (which includes the fasting glucose test), and a lipid profile which includes cholesterol (HDL, LDL) and triglycerides. Specialized lab studies will be performed depending on the participants needs which may include HbAlC, fasting insulin, leptin, and thyroid. The lab tests are performed at Quest Labs, conveniently located throughout the Sacramento and surrounding area. Follow-up lab studies are performed near the completion of the programs.


4. Does insurance cover the RHPL programs?

Not directly. We can print out a submission you can use for a flexible spending account, or a health savings account.


5. Can I continue the program after my initial 10 or 13 weeks program is completed?

Yes, you have the opportunity to continue the program on an 8 week basis at a 20% discount.


6. Is there a maintenance program?

Yes. There is a 26 week (6 month) maintenance program for the Silver and Gold levels and a 20 week maintenance program for the Neuropathy program.


7. What is the cost of the maintenance program?

The costs are approximately the same as the original programs but lasts twice as long. The Gold and Silver programs are $2,000 and $1,500 respectively (for 26 weeks), and the Neuropathy program is $1,400 (for 20 weeks). Of course, if paid up front, there is a 10% discount.


8. What are the services provided in the maintenance program?

For the RHPL Health and Weight Loss program, reassessment is every 2 weeks. Necessary supplements will be provided. You have full access to Dr. Muldavin via e-mail, with continued correspondence between Dr. Muldavin and your physician, as well as preferred access to all seminars. The Gold level will have a choice of 5 massages/wraps or laser treatments. The Gold and Silver level will have lab services provided one time. For the Neuropathy program, you will receive your specialized supplements and necessary laser treatment protocols.


9. What if I cannot afford to pay all at once? What are my options?

You can pay in 3 installments for the program. We also take all credit cards and we are a Care Credit provider, which offers you low monthly payments (


10. Do I have to attend an Introduction class before signing up for a program?

No. You can call our office at (916)578-6047 or Sign up for the program now. Someone from our office will respond to you within 24 hours to set up an appointment and get you started!


11. If I were to do the gold program, how do the massages/wraps work?

In the initial program of 13 weeks you have a choice of a combined total of 5 massages/wraps or laser treatments. The massages and laser treatments will be provided at our office during your weekly visits. For the wraps, you will be given a voucher to be used at our affiliated program spas.


12. What is a “Functional Movement Screen” and why is it only for the Gold program?

It is a unique screen Dr. Muldavin utilizes in his rehab practice to determine musculoskeletal readiness for activities of daily living. The test and subsequent functional exercises are ideal for participants who want to regain activities they have lost due to injury, weight gain, and lack of conditioning.


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